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If A Wicked man

If A Wicked man

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Format: Paperback, 400pp

ISBN: 9781903905920

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If A Wicked man

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John Lawson was not a man to mess with. In Glasgow, Liverpool, Mancshester and London's Soho, his fighting skill and courage made him a man with a reputation among the gangs and violent men running the clubs where drugs and prostitution were rife. Riding with a Biker gang and graduating to 'debt collecting' for international racketeers his life was full of brutality and crime.

A remarkable true story of one person's descent into the underworld of criminality and how, when serving his third prison term in a Scottish jail, he found the way and strength to escape his past life as he determined to find and live a better one.

John Lawson now lives on the south coast of England and travels extensively speaking in prisons and other venues, sharing the secret that he first learnt in jail.