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  1. Beyond Chaotic Eating

    Beyond Chaotic Eating

    Helena Wilkinson

    Price: £ 9.99
    This book offers insight, understanding and hope to sufferers and their carers involved in seeking a treatment for Anorexia, Bulimia and compulsive eating. The author examines the contributory factors to eating disorders, including family background, sexuality and the emotional relationship with food. She outlines the treatments available and provides guidelines for a full recovery from the disorder, encouraging a good self-image, healthy self-esteem and surrender to God.

  2. Sexual Healing

    Sexual Healing

    Price: £ 6.99
    Porn addiction is endemic in society and the church is not immune to it. In this honest and open book Nathan Ferreira and Gerald Coates confront it frankly and reveal how God is able to deliver the believer into freedom.

  3. Healing Emotional Wounds

    Healing Emotional Wounds

    Price: £ 4.99
    A classic book on the treatment and healing of emotional and soul disorders through the power of Christ's healing love.

  4. Healing the Human Spirit/Deeper Healing for the Human Spirit combined

    Healing the Human Spirit/Deeper Healing for the Human Spirit combined

    Price: £ 9.99
    Many people are weighed down and burdened in their spirits but Jesus Christ can heal and deliver you. Ruth Hawkey describes some of the ways in which we can be damaged and gives advice on ministering to hurting people.

  5. TheTruth that sets you Free

    TheTruth that sets you Free

    Price: £ 9.99
    'The Truth that sets you Free' demonstrates how you can experience the great freedom of which the Bible speaks - 'the glorious liberty of the Sons of God' - and lead others into that same experience

  6. Kernel of Wheat

    Kernel of Wheat

    Price: £ 5.99
    'When the going gets tough, the tough simply surrender', that is the lesson Davidson Samuel learnt as he walked through the hard times with God. However hard it gets never let go of God but surrender your life to Him because He will always have the last word.

  7. Letters from my Father

    Letters from my Father

    Wendy Thomas

    Price: £ 7.99
    A book of letters written by the author as if from Father God to His dear child.

  8. Fit for the King

    Fit for the King

    Price: £ 4.99
    A four part booklet that helps you assess your own level of fitness and give guidance on simple steps you can take to improve your health, fitness and well-being. Suitable for personal use or in small groups.

  9. Can God Guide my Life?

    Can God Guide my Life?

    Steve Kitt

    Price: £ 6.99
    How does God guide me? What can I do to hear His voice? Using Biblical teaching and his own experience the author shows how you can lead a rich and fulfilled life with God in control.

  10. The Fat of the Land

    The Fat of the Land

    Chris Grummit

    Price: £ 7.99
    Diet and healthy eating are ‘hot topics’ in the Western world as society is increasingly ravaged by the two extremes of, at one end, obesity, and at the other anorexia and the size zero mentality. In the past couple of years US scientists have concluded that dieting is pointless, and British scientists have discovered the ‘fat’ gene which can increase the chances of becoming obese by 70%. In this unique book, former research scientist Chris Grummit describes how God transformed his mind, attitudes and understanding; enabling him to lose many pounds in weight and radically improve his health – all without enduring a painful diet.

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