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Guernsey Place Names

Guernsey Place Names

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Guernsey Place Names

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Compiled from a list of sources including the
Cartulaire des Isles Normands, the Extente of
Guernsey of 1331 and the livres de perchage,
dating back to the Middle Ages, this Index of Guernsey
Place Names, the result of 50 years study, is a unique
reference work.
The origins of names are traced back to the early Norman settlers and
earlier, via family names and descriptive terms for the sites or their
usage. Complete with French – English and English – French
translations of topographical terms and a list of family names derived
from topographical features, the book gives invaluable insight into the
tapestry of life in Guernsey over the centuries from the Norman
settlement to the mid-20th century, when the feudal system finally gave
way to the modern system of landholding.