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  1. The Most Famous Book in the World

    The Most Famous Book in the World

    James Hastings

    Price: £ 4.99
    The Bible has shaped British society and character for centuries, becoming the rock on which the nation has been built. No translation of the Scriptures has contributed more to this process than the 1611 King James (Authorised) version, profoundly influencing our language and thought. In this 400th anniversary year of its publication, its power and influence live on. 22 Christian personalities reveal their favourite Bible passage and what it means to them.

  2. Leaven - the Hidden Power of Culture in the Church

    Leaven - the Hidden Power of Culture in the Church

    Price: £ 12.99
    An investigation into the role, place and power of culture in the Church using the biblical metaphor of leaven.

  3. If A Wicked man

    If A Wicked man

    Price: £ 9.99
    A true crime story of one man's descent into violent criminality and how, when serving his third jail term, he found the way and strength to escape his past life as he determined to find and live a better one.

  4. God Plus One

    God Plus One

    Price: £ 6.99
    Andrew Fanstone works with the street children in the slums of Fortaleza, Brazil. Over his many years there he has witnessed may miraculous works of God and seen lives transformed. He has learnt that God seeks the person who is wholly devoted to him and through whom he can manifest his kingdom here on earth. Andrew works with Iris Global.

  5. Understanding Sex

    Understanding Sex

    Price: £ 4.99
    God requires moral purity of us and to consecrate our bodies to His service. This short book explores how we can live in sexual purity within a society where there is so much confusion and sexual immorality.

  6. Taming the Tiger

    Taming the Tiger

    Price: £ 8.99
    A vivid and moving story of how a man steeped in violence and in prison, suffering the consequences of his crimes, can be transformed by the redeeming power of Jesus Christ.

  7. The Mansion House of Liberty

    The Mansion House of Liberty

    Price: £ 12.99
    What impact has christianity had on British life and society? Here John Bradley gives a detailed history of the contribution of christian men and women on life in these islands.

  8. Kernel of Wheat

    Kernel of Wheat

    Price: £ 5.99
    'When the going gets tough, the tough simply surrender', that is the lesson Davidson Samuel learnt as he walked through the hard times with God. However hard it gets never let go of God but surrender your life to Him because He will always have the last word.

  9. Out of the Desert

    Out of the Desert

    Price: £ 5.99
    Mike Dwight long term missionary and church planter with WEC International, currently serving WEC Betel worldwide in a teaching ministry and speaking in conferences and churches in Asia and Europe, calls the church to a fresh encounter wih Christ asa pre-requisite for fulfilling the Great Commission.

  10. With a Voice like Many Waters

    With a Voice like Many Waters

    Price: £ 7.99
    'With a Voice Like Many Waters - listening to God' is a series of extended meditations on the many references and imagery concerning water found in the Bible. Life giving water that flows, gives life, refreshes, restores and sustains. Ifyou are thirsty for God and wish to dig deep this is the book for you.

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Guernsey Place Names

Guernsey Place Names, by Hugh Lenfestey, is the definitive Index of place names in Guernsey, with the explanation of their meanings and links to family surnames and topographical features of the island.

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