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  1. Get a Life

    Get a Life

    Tony Powell

    Price: £ 8.99
    Tony Powell has lived a life of radical obedience to God, working with people on the edge of society, with the Royal National Deep Sea Fisherman’s Mission in various UK ports and the Shaftesbury Society in inner-city London. As a Pastor, Tony served a diverse range of people; the interventions of God in their lives, testify to His goodness and faithfulness and His power to transform even the most damaged.

  2. Sexual Healing

    Sexual Healing

    Price: £ 6.99
    Porn addiction is endemic in society and the church is not immune to it. In this honest and open book Nathan Ferreira and Gerald Coates confront it frankly and reveal how God is able to deliver the believer into freedom.

  3. Taming the Tiger

    Taming the Tiger

    Price: £ 8.99
    A vivid and moving story of how a man steeped in violence and in prison, suffering the consequences of his crimes, can be transformed by the redeeming power of Jesus Christ.

  4. Transit to Heaven

    Transit to Heaven

    Price: £ 9.99
    Salm Said Ali's account of her journey from devout and practising Muslim to convinced and believing christian.

  5. Prophets and Visionaries: writers of Judgement

    Prophets and Visionaries: writers of Judgement

    Peter Mullen

    Price: £ 9.99

  6. How the Future Worked - Russia through the eyes of a young non-person

    How the Future Worked - Russia through the eyes of a young non-person

    Alexander Boot

    Price: £ 12.99

  7. Great Men and Women who made Great Britain Great

    Great Men and Women who made Great Britain Great

    Wale Babatunde

    Price: £ 9.99
    an introduction to men and women who have transformed Britain for the better in the spheres of social reform, science and education, religion and many others. The book draws out the link of their common christian faith and how it inspired their labours.

  8. Winning the Race

    Winning the Race

    Price: £ 12.99
    The inspiring autobiography of Samuel Kaumu, relating in his own words his journey from schoolboy trouble-maker to internationally recognised young leader.

  9. Beloved African

    Beloved African

    Jill Baker

    Price: £ 11.99
    John Hammond was one of Rhodesia’s great educators. Across four decades and in the face of hardship, misunderstanding and opposition he strove to educate and train a generation of boys and girls to lead a modern African nation in the post-colonial era that he saw coming, and traces his heartbreak as he realised there would be insufficient time to do so as thoroughly as he would have liked. His story is also one of a great love, between John and his wife Nancy and of struggle through separation, war, disease and natural disaster.

  10. Snakes & Ladders

    Snakes & Ladders

    Helena Wilkinson

    Price: £ 8.99
    Snakes and Ladders is an honest account of the years following Helena Wilkinson’s battle with anorexia. After the worst of the illness was over Helena suffered the death of a close friend in tragic circumstances, a broken engagement, health problems and depression, all in close succession. Despite the battles Helena faced, she still took up the challenge of accepting a job offer to work in a Zulu hospital for a year, just when a general state of emergency had been declared. Snakes and Ladders offers invaluable insights for us all as we face life’s trials.

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Guernsey Place Names

Guernsey Place Names, by Hugh Lenfestey, is the definitive Index of place names in Guernsey, with the explanation of their meanings and links to family surnames and topographical features of the island.

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