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  1. Into the Land

    Into the Land

    Price: £ 6.99
    God delivered the Israelites from Egypt not so that they should live in the desert but that they should conquer the land of Canaan, promised by God to their forefather Abraham, and enjoy its fruits. So it is with the Church, we have not only been delivered from sin and spiritual bondage, but are called to conquer and enter into the good of all that is promised us in Christ.

  2. The Return of Jesus Christ: the end or the Beginning?

    The Return of Jesus Christ: the end or the Beginning?

    Price: £ 10.99
    An overview of the different teachings on the Return of Jesus Christ. Mark Dunman explains the alternative viewpoints to allow the reader to judge which appears to be most convincing. A hard subject is made much easier by this clearly laid out and structured review of alternative theological positions.

  3. Kernel of Wheat

    Kernel of Wheat

    Price: £ 5.99
    'When the going gets tough, the tough simply surrender', that is the lesson Davidson Samuel learnt as he walked through the hard times with God. However hard it gets never let go of God but surrender your life to Him because He will always have the last word.

  4. With a Voice like Many Waters

    With a Voice like Many Waters

    Price: £ 7.99
    'With a Voice Like Many Waters - listening to God' is a series of extended meditations on the many references and imagery concerning water found in the Bible. Life giving water that flows, gives life, refreshes, restores and sustains. Ifyou are thirsty for God and wish to dig deep this is the book for you.

  5. Transit to Heaven

    Transit to Heaven

    Price: £ 9.99
    Salm Said Ali's account of her journey from devout and practising Muslim to convinced and believing christian.

  6. Islam: threat or truth?

    Islam: threat or truth?

    Price: £ 5.99
    Do you wish to understand more about the rise of violent Islam in our modern world? Andrew Baguley's short and accessible book gives clear information on their origins, doctrines, methods and aims.

  7. Letters from my Father

    Letters from my Father

    Wendy Thomas

    Price: £ 7.99
    A book of letters written by the author as if from Father God to His dear child.

  8. Fit for the King

    Fit for the King

    Price: £ 4.99
    A four part booklet that helps you assess your own level of fitness and give guidance on simple steps you can take to improve your health, fitness and well-being. Suitable for personal use or in small groups.

  9. Democracy as a neocon trick

    Democracy as a neocon trick

    Alexander Boot

    Price: £ 12.99
    Alexander Boot analyses the development of democracy from its classical roots to the present day. He charts the degeneration of democracy from being a system for the wielding of power to being the sole legitimisation of power. Treated as the sole source of power 'democracy' is an idol which should not be worshippped and those who do so can use it as an authoritarian, despotic and oppressive power.

  10. Empowered Personal Evangelism

    Empowered Personal Evangelism

    Price: £ 8.99
    This book is a passionate 'how-to' manual on how to share the gospel of Christ drawn from the author's twenty years of experience in soul-winning. Starting with basic questions such as 'what is the gospel?' the book trains and enthuses individuals in the task of winning people for Christ.

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Guernsey Place Names

Guernsey Place Names, by Hugh Lenfestey, is the definitive Index of place names in Guernsey, with the explanation of their meanings and links to family surnames and topographical features of the island.

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